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Swimming Pool Side Tables

Designed specifically for soft sided pools

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in the lower 48

There is no better feeling than lounging in the pool on a hot summer day! You are soaking up the sun's sweet rays, just letting your body recharge from a long winter. But all that warmth and sun has gotten you thirsty, hasn't it? Easy to fix, just go to the fridge and grab your cold beverage of choice. But, now what do you do with your drink after you are back in the pool? You can keep holding it? Not! Set it next to you on the raft? That doesn't work very well either. These were the issues we were dealing with at our house.  That is why we designed our Swimming Pool side table. Check out these features:

  • ​Made from earth friendly HDPE recycled plastic lumber (same as the high end outside furniture)

  • Sturdy aluminum re-enforcement

  • Stainless steel screws

  • Adjustable to work with all types of soft sided pools

  • Different fun colors available (subject to poly lumber availability)

  • Comes fully assembled, just set on top rail and adjust the chain to the hook so that it is level. That's it!

  • 18" x 16" deck surface

  Colors available:

  • Aruba Blue

  • Lemon Yellow

  • Lime Green

  • Coastal Gray

  • Bright Pink

  • Bright Orange

  • Dark Brown (out of stock)

  • Dark Blue (out of stock)


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