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Clearance Sale - 30" Tall Brown bar stools only.

Bar Stools, 30" tall, finished with Dark Brown poly lumber seats, treated lumber bases, Kona stain/sealer finish and natural bracing/footrest finished in spar urethane Strong/durable construction using all exterior grade hardware and finishes. Cleans easily using mild detergent and warm water.  


Made with the following material:

Seats made from HDPE Poly Lumber

Poles and bases made using treated pine lumber

All braces/footrest are treated Longwood pine

Nylon feet are used on the base to protect floors. 

We have (8) of these stools available that are finished in brown. We were using these stools for our showroom displays and there are small wear marks, rubs , and light scratches from being used in our showroom. 


Bar Stools - Dark Brown/ wood bases with Kona stain

  • Cleans easily with warm water using only a mild soap. Do not use an abrasive cleaner since it wil leave scratches on it. 

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