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Hi there and thank you for visiting our site. About 16 years ago it was a cold and snowy Ohio January day. On a whim I booked a flight to Miami, rented a car, and drove into the Florida Keys. I spent 6 days enjoying the sun, surf, and warmth of Florida that January. Ever since then, we vacation every year to Florida or the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Now I had visited the beach before, but it never resonated in me like eating lunch under a Tiki Hut in the Keys. I decided that just visiting Florida was not enough for us. Yes, we can vacation down there, but we wanted more. Starting in 2013 we built our first Tiki Hut up here at our house so we could enjoy the feeling of being on a Gulf Coast Beach. It became the new venue for everyone's events from birthday's, to retirement parties, our son even got engaged there. Everyone loved our little bit of Florida in our backyard, so we started producing our own version of a Tiki Hut that people could enjoy in their backyard. We have been making our products for 8 years now in Ohio, and have decided to start offering them to the rest of the beach crazed community that are not able to live near the coast. With my wife GeorgeAnn and our small company, we want to help everyone to have their own little bit of Florida in their backyard.


Have a sunny and warm day,

Mark Dantimo 

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