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  • Can I have it assembled for me even though I am not in Ohio?
    That all depends on your location, and the time of year. April through November: We are located in Northeast Ohio (near the islands) and as long as you are within 2-3 hours of us, we can arrange assembly for you easily. If you are farther than that it will depend on your location and the time of year to determine the lead time for us to be able to build for you. December thru March: We do offer assembly during our off-season, December thru March) as long as you are located East of the Mississippi River. We love the southern states during the winter and do our best to schedule some assembly runs during the off-season. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I install this on my patio instead of using a wood base or floor?
    This kit is designed to install into a wood deck or our optional wood floor only. Although it can be attached to cement (not brick) if done correctly, it is not recomended due to how corrosive cement is to any wood product that rests on it (even treated wood). These connections will have to be checked annually to make sure they are still holding properly. The main pole supports are where all the strength comes from to suport the roof and table. It is very vital that the supports are anchored solidly into whatever floor is being used. You will have to purchase from your local hardware store special anchors (not tapcons or concrete screws either) to attach the bottom of the pole supports to your concrete. The seat benches will be able to be attached using concrete screws, just not the pole supports.
  • I am not sure if my site is level enough?
    The optional floor can be leveled out on slightly sloping ground (within 4 inches) by digging in the joists on the high side, or using various items such as patio blocks or treated wood shims. If your ground slopes more than a few inches, than you might want to do a level gravel pad or bring in some more dirt to level it with.
  • Are there different colors available?
    By far the most popular colors are Aruba Blue (most popular), Orange, Tropical Lime Green, and Brite Yellow. All of our colors that we stock are listed on our website. If you want a color that is not shown, please reach out to us and we can see if we are able to special order it.
  • Do I need to hire a professional to assemble this?
    No, we designed this kit for the average person of reasonable dexterity to be able to assemble with a helper. This kit does require someone with reasonable construction skills though. You will need to be able to use a ladder properly while lifting items, along with knowing how to properly handle a screw gun. 2 people working together makes this kit alot easier to assemble, and is easily managed at that point. (We actually assemble these by ourselves, but we have had lots of practice)
  • How long does it take to arrive after I place my order?
    Overall usually 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. We carry a good inventory of all the pieces for a kit , but we do not pre-package anything till the order is placed. Typically, we can have an order test fit, crated, and ready to ship within 5-7 business days. At that point we are waiting for the trucking company to pick it up (usually within 1-2 days), and their schedule will dictate how soon it arrives to your place. Where you live will also have an effect on when it arrives. These crates are way to big for UPS or Fed Ex to deliver like we are used to, but the trucking companies usually manage to get these delivered with 10 business days after they ship. We do our best to expedite this process, it does not benefit either us or you to not get your kit out as fast as possible.
  • Do you offer different sizes?
    This kit is only available in one size. We have carefully designed this to be able to be assembled by the average person with a helper, but increasing either the roof or table size is not practical. Also, shipping something this large is also limited by the size crate we can ship. The table is 42" diameter, and is perfect for 6 people with drinks and some snacks.
  • Are replacement tops available, and how expensive are they?
    We use a standard 9' Mexican Thatch umbrella cover which is available from several sources on-line and are shipped directly to your door from the supplier. The tops are easily installed with a 6' ladder (we can install one in about 12 minutes). As of December 26,2022, they are available on-line for about $190 from a couple suppliers (shipped to your door).
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