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Coastal Island Table Pricing 

   Our Coastal Island Tables are a pre-cut and partially assembled DIY kit. Typical assembly time takes about a day for (2) people with basic tools and skills. Our kits are designed to be installed on wood floors/decks but can be installed on cement by using the proper fasteners. 

   Our kits do not include wood floors but do have the drawings for you to build your own like we show in some of our pictures. Unlike the rest of the Island Table, the material for the floors is readily available at any local home center. The shipping alone on the material for the floor is more than double the actual cost of procuring the material locally so it just doesn't make sense to try to ship it.

Coastal Island Table kit with natural thatch

$2,395 plus shipping

typical shipping adds $400-$800

Coastal Island Table Kit synthetic thatch

$2,995 plus shipping

typical shipping adds $400-$800

Aruba Blue dockside_edited_edited.jpg

Coastal Island Table Features 

  • DIY pre-cut tiki hut kit shipped to your door (UPS)

  • Durable HDPE Poly Lumber available in 15 different colors

  • Treated pine rafters and poles

  • Heavy duty fasteners

  • Real Mexican Rain Cape Thatch top standard

  • Seating for 6

  • Bottle opener

  • Roping accents

  • High wind tolerance with its open design (safe on the coast)

  • Easily assembled in a few hours with basic tools

8-Green Synthetic top by pool_edited.jpg

Coastal Island Material List 

We are able to ship our Island tables by UPS using multiple boxes, usually 10 boxes so they do not weigh too much individually. The bench seats are mostly assembled and only require (4) screws to be re-installed after they are un-boxed. The rafter assemblies are pre-assembled, marked at the joint, then dis-assembled for shipping. You will have to install (2) screws at each rafter joint and then install the 1/4" rope accents. The tabletop is already assembled completely, everything is pre-cut.

Box #1: Bench assembly #1

Box #2: Bench assembly #2

Box #3: Bench assembly #3

Box #4: Tabletop 

Box #5: Main pole

Box #6: Thatch top

Box #7: Long rafters

Box #8: Rafter supports and roof perlinsperlins

Box #9: Roof perlins

Box #10: Roof perlins, pole and table supports


  • 96" Tall with thatch overall,102" installed with a wood floor

  • 40" Diameter Tabletop

  • 3 benches 

  • Approx. 9' roof diameter (point to point)

  • 6" diameter main pole and bench poles

  • 2-1/2" (approx./varies) diameter rafters and purlins

  • Real 9' Mexican Rain Cape Thatch Umbrella Cover

  • All high quality exterior grade hardware

  • 1/4" manilla roping for rafter accents

  • 3/4" Synthetic roping accents for table

  • Approximately 440 lbs., easily supported on all decks/floors

12-Red at campground on the water_edited.jpg

Tools needed for assembly

  • Tape measure

  • Level (minimum 2', prefer 4')

  • Screw gun

  • Utility knife

  • Ladder

  • Hammer

  • Pencil

  • Protection: Gloves and eyes

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