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     - The tabletop and seat tops are made from HDPE lumber. This is the same material that all the high end outside furniture is made from. It is very durable, does not fade, and cleans easy with warm water and a mild detergent. 

     - The wood is treated pine for exterior use. Like all treated lumber, it will turn color with age. All wood, especially pine, sun-bleaches. Most people enjoy the graying process of the lumber since it gives it that coastal look, but as the lumber grays it will also start getting grain cracks. Protecting your table at this point with a good clear sealer, or even staining with a poly sealer will help it last for years to come. This is really only apparent on the optional floor since the rest of the lumber does not see much sunlight.

     - We use a 9' Mexican Thatch cover that is real Mexican thatch (grass). The thatch is an organic product, so it does wear out. How long your cover lasts will totally depend on your climate. Up here in Northeast, Ohio we generally see 2 years before it needs replacing. We are quite wet up here, and that is one of the primary contributors to the top degrading. If you are located in a drier area, like the Southwest, you top may very well last 4-5 years. Fortunately the thatch tops are relatively inexpensive and readily available on-line along with through us. Although we do not offer it, a water sealer and also a fire retardant can applied prior to installation if so desired.



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